About microbial method
To achieve fully productive agriculture
Shimamoto microbial method and Application of useful microbe and enzyme
Shimamoto microbial method aims at enhancing soil capability and drawing potential of crops by application of useful microbe and enzyme, and increase products of safe and high nutrients and high eating quality.

A journey to genuine agriculture

Kakuya Shimamoto, The founder of the microbial method devoted his life to the agriculture method applying microbe and enzyme, based on his philosophy "the very foundation of nation is agriculture" and which follows laws of nature. He said "the road is one, the truth is one, the road is fundamental principle of universe and the laws of creation and fostering. The farming is the way we live our life and it is the very foundation of the nation."
     The years after the war, he preached the importance of devotion for farming and nourishing the soil, nourishing the foundation of all living things, which he considered as “the path to genuine agriculture”. While engaging farming, he pursued authentic farming by researching, developing and practicing farming. He was the first Japanese who succeeded in composting of wood chips and put it into practical use. Also he found and developed foliar spray and the original fermented organic compost.
     We systematized our long years of research findings about the mechanism of microbe and the function of enzyme as Shimamoto microbial method. Today, this method is widely adopted as an environmental agricultural technique and contributing to produce safe products among countries like China, South Korea, and other south-east Asian countries, also many other countries worldwide.

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Chairman of KOUSO NO SEKAISYA general office
Kunihiko Shimamoto

We see enzyme as "source of all living things". It is said that more than 50 million living things exist on earth and these living things maintain their lives by endless metabolism. This endless cycle of metabolism will not be continued without work of enzyme, and all living things will not exist without enzyme. Thus we see enzyme as source of all living things.
     Enzyme is mainly divided into 6 types including degrading enzyme which decompose materials and synthesizing enzyme which synthesizes materials, and it is said that there exist several tens of thousands of enzyme in nature. Every enzyme has its own function, and maintains biological processes by deeply interacting each other.
     We do our business to achieve "production of safe agricultural products by soil-building for the land of good harvest" " promotion of healthy life" "rearing of healthy live stocks", so that deficiency and degradation, or imbalance of those enzymes are cured, and vital actions are maintained by application of a variety of enzymes which is produced by plants and useful microbes. Furthermore Shimamoto microbial method is established based on the spirit of "genuine agriculture" by pursuing agriculture which follows the laws of nature, and also based on more than 60 years of history and accumulation of research. Our microbial method is now being highly evaluated not only domestically but also in oversea countries. With our years of research and accumulation, we also promote widely to offer a variety of enzyme products made from enzymes which is extracted from strictly chosen and safe materials.

Shimamoto Microbial Industry.Co., Ltd
Mitsuhisa Shimamoto
It has been long time since this time of the world is called age of plenty or full feeding, but three fourth of people over the world is facing poverty and starvation. It's no exaggeration to say that 21st century is the era of severe food shortage caused by increasing world population. In addition, we face many other problems including global warming, degradation of land fertility, pollution of water, air and soil caused by agrochemicals and other chemical substances, also there is apprehension for genetically modified crops which was given birth from scientism.
     In such a circumstance, we believe that now we should return to our principle and start from building healthy soil. Our microbial method is natural one created from Mother Nature, and which is the method enhancing soil capability by mechanism of useful microbe and enzyme, and which also increases production of safe, highly neutralized, delicious agricultural products. We hope to help all of you achieving healthy life by promoting microbial method and using our know-how of enzyme application, with further research of new biochemistry.