We harmonize with nature by microbial agriculture method and devote ourselves to promote the health for all. We harmonize with nature by microbial agriculture method and devote ourselves to promote the health for all.
It has been long time since this time of the world is called age of plenty or full feeding, but three fourth of people over the world is facing poverty and starvation. It's no exaggeration to say that 21st century is the era of severe food shortage caused by increasing world population. In addition, we face many other problems including global warming, degradation of land fertility, pollution of water, air and soil caused by agrochemicals and other chemical substances, also there is apprehension for genetically modified crops which was given birth from scientism.
     In such a circumstance, we believe that now we should return to our principle and start from building healthy soil. Our microbial method is natural one created from Mother Nature, and which is the method enhancing soil capability by mechanism of useful microbe and enzyme, and which also increases production of safe, highly neutralized, delicious agricultural products. We hope to help all of you achieving healthy life by promoting microbial method and using our know-how of enzyme application, with further research of new biochemistry.

Microbe and Enzyme application grows beyond soil-building and promote our healthy life.

We harmonize with nature by microbial agriculture method and devote ourselves to promote the health for all. Our Microbial method and health supplementary food maximizes the possibility of enzyme application, and contributes not only to healthier life but also rejuvenate the soil degraded by chemical substances, which also leads to saving ecosystem. These health supplementary food and high-quality fruits and vegetable will partly become garbage and change into compost, and change themselves again to high-quality fruits and vegetable and served at tables. We achieve social recycle system by promoting environmental agriculture and healthier life, utilizing enzyme and useful microbes.

Sales of soil-building materials and Offer of technical assistance
Soil-building is the foundation of crop cultivation. Nourishing and enhancing soil conditions, and helping growth of roots will lead to increase and stabilize productivity. Our fully-fermented materials for crops promote breeding of useful microbes by changing organic matters and minerals into fully-fermented fertilizer and compost. Also those materials help soil improvement by enhancing the effect of manure, air permeability, drainage performance, water retentivity, and fertilizer retentivity of soil, and neutralizing acidity of soil.

Sales of nutrient materials for plants and Offer of technical assistance
For production of high-quality and high-yield crops, maximizing the potential of plants are needed. Fermented products produced by useful microbes enhance suger content, flavor and quality of crops, and rejuvenate tree and plant. They also enlarge fruits, enhance disease resistance, cold resistance of crops. A Wide range of effects are expected from those fermented products by useful microbes.

Sales of organic fermented fertilizer and Offer of technical assistance
Promoting the breed of useful microbes in the soil without harming the mechanism of the soil leads to enhancement of flavor and quality of crops, and increase of yields and improvement of soil capability. Organic fermented fertilizer is suitable for paddy rice, vegetables, flower plants, fruit trees and all other kinds of crops.

We offer technical assistance by inviting new members, and publishing monthly "KOUSO NO SEKAI", and also offering periodical lectures on our agricultural technics. We also offer our products at low price to members. For the further promotion of microbial method, we devote ourselves to publication of books related "Shimaoto microbial agricultural method", further research for technical development, manufacture and sales of health supplementary products and fodder additives by years of fermentation and enzyme research for the development agriculture.

Company outline

Company name KOUSO NO SEKAISYA Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-23, Honmaru, Minakuchi-cho, Kouka-city, Shiga,528-0023
TEL 0748-62-3328 FAX 0748-62-8836 E-mail info@bym-kouso.jp
Founded August 1954
Paid-in capital \10 million
Fields of business Sales of microbial material for crops and live stocks、sales of fertilizer、sales of livestock fodder、sales of health food, technical assistance of Shimamoto microbial method
Company name Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address <head office>
1-23, Honmaru, Minakuchi-cho, Kouka-city, Shiga,528-0023
<Shimamoto BYM farm>
6802, Minakuchi, Minakuchi-cho, Kouka-city,Shiga
<Tsuchiyama factory>
Incorporated March 8th 1965
Paid-in capital \20 million
Fields of business Production of microbial material for crops and live stocks, Production of fertilizer、Production of livestock fodder, Production of health food


KOUSO NO SEKAISYA Co.,Ltd. Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co.,Ltd.
【Address】1-23, Honmaru, Minakuchi-cho, Kouka-city, Shiga
【Access by trains】3 minutes by walk from Minakuchi Jonan station, Oomi Tetsudou line
          (from Kusatsu, Kusatsu station JR Kusatsu line→
          Kibukawa station Oomi Tetsudou line→Minakuchi Jonan station)
【Access by cars】Get off Shinmeishin highway at Shigaraki interchange or Konan interchange,
         and drive toward Minakuchi for 20 minutes.